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Terrifying Sounds In Canadian Woods

The wooded area of Canada is not the ideal place to visit, and locals can confirm it.

C)ne of this areas from Canada, more specifically British Columbia, was the protagonist of a video posted on Youtube.

The video featured a completed snowed forest,
apparently quiet and tranquil, when suddenly and out of nowhere, a peculiar and disturbing sound could be heard. The video was posted by Shelley Wilson who was visiting the locality of Witset.

The sound was so disturbing and terrifying that completely scared the woman and made her jump.  According to the woman, the sound was similar to a moan of someone who was being attacked, or perhaps the sound of some beast or animal.

There are many theories revolving around this video. One of them associates the moaning of the video with the legendary Bigfoot. Another theory claims that the moan belongs to extra-terrestrials who were exploring the area and were trying to communicate between each other.

You can take a look at the video by yourself and draw your own conclusions. The video lasts only 40 seconds and reached 1,6M views.

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