Democrats. Shelling out economies, while selling out constituents.

Democrats. Shelling out economies, while selling out constituents.

GET: stats on wage gap, single motherhood rates, 1920’s thru 1940’s/50’s civil rights/ week, economic data on urban centers run by Democrats (ghetto music video in archive), rape false accusation stats (judge made comments during speech, real rates from interviewing D.A.’a across the country show as high as 47%).

Certain dishonest advocacy groups (e.g. Southern Poverty Law Center) will manipulate new and existing data, to paint a picture of racial turmoil within society that is simply not in line with reality.  They would have you believe that hate crimes within the U.S. are on par with the opioid epidemic, or gang violence in Chicago, citing the usual white nationalism horeshit, by widening the definition of hate crimes, and often making slight changes to what act the term encompasses that they use to describe and therefore define the hate crime.  Allowing them to manipulate the data in whichever way suits best at the time.

What these lefty progressives have created is what’s known as a *circular firing squad.
When they aren’t going after Trump, they are embarking on another morality crusade, by nailing some fresh meat to a cross for whatever the latest, trending flavor of victimhood that society has a taste for.  So when Democrat policies aren’t ruining the fabric of our economy, they are busy ruining the basic social fabric of communities by fueling this neverending victimhood culture.

Bandaid, short term, patchwork reactive social spending programs that aim to satisfy the demands of whatever demographic base whose voting power is most valuable, in that district, at that time. Regardless of any more pressing, and/or long ago promised needs of the community . Needs for a communitysince much of the vote is simply taken granted for. No one is competing for the black vote in nearly all of the die hard blue regions of the U.S.

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