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Wow. Very comprehensive guidebook on alien life and their continued presence and influence on earth.

Russia’s Secret UFO Files: The Conflicts with the Aliens

As we were taught in school, the planet Earth is divided into three layers,which are the cortex, the mantle and the nucleus.

But recently the geologists discovered a new layer in the deep interior of Earth, and its characteristics are reminiscent of those of the Earth’s surface. This is amazing discovery, and it would confirm once again the Inner Earth theory.

Journal of Science published a new study, explaining how researchers used data from seismic waves of large earthquakes at 400 miles under Bolivia, locating a new region inside the Earth,which left everyone speechless: it has characteristics of Earth’s surface, mountains,plains.

Researchers said that is needed a huge earthquake that would shake whole planet, in order to peep deep inside the planet, and this don’t come very often. Better NOT, I would say!

Scientists explained that all objects have surface roughness and therefore scatter light,and that’s why they can see those objects,the scattering waves carry the information about the surface’s roughness.

Scientists specified that the roughness wasn’t equally distributed, just as the crust’s surface has smooth ocean floors and massive mountains, the 400 miles boundary beneath our feet has rough areas and smooth patches.

Article created by Chris © Alien Star

This Article Looks Like It Was Written By An A.I. Life Form Of Some Kind.

NASA slipped up and didn’t edit out “Google Mars” satellite pic of human base on Mars’ surface.With 1 comment

Watch “Flat Earth CRUSHED by Discovery Channel”.Posted in UncategorizedEditWow. Very comprehensive guidebook on alien life and their continued presence and influence on earth.

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