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AOC On the Tear again

NOT KIDDING: Ocasio-Cortez compares bold action on Climate Change to fight for Civil Rights
The Right Scoop
Apr. 4, 2019 10:16 am

We all know that sometimes Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez says the dumbest things.

Well here she is again, via one of her live streaming videos, comparing her Climate Change fight to the fight for civil rights.

Listen below (via Free Beacon)

In the live stream AOC makes the argument that people protested against civil rights for blacks not 80 years ago, just like people are now mocking her doomsday predictions for the earth if we don’t take bold action on Climate Change in the next 12 years.

But she says the internet documents everything, noting that while some may be able to hide the fact that their grandparents fought against civil rights for blacks, the internet will remember you fighting against taking bold action on Climate Change.

Then she really pours it on, saying “People who are trying to mock and delay this moment, I mean—I just feel bad for you. I just pity you for your role in history right now.”

Wow. It’s like AOC lives in a bubble and is completely ignorant of the history of hyperbolic doomsday warnings from the left on Climate Change (aka Global Warming) that amounted to zilch. They predicted all of this stuff in 1989, saying we only had 10 years to fix Global Warming. And here we are 30 years later laughing a their ridiculous warnings which were completely false.

And she pities us. LOL!

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