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Transcripts Prove Obama DOJ Was Ultra Corrupt

Trump: Lisa Page Transcripts Prove Obama DOJ Was Corrupt

lisa page, wearing orange and carrying documents close to her right shoulder, walks through a corridor
Ex-FBI attorney Lisa Page (Jacquelyn Martin/AP)

By Brian Freeman
Wednesday, 13 Mar 2019 11:19 AM

President Donald Trump sent out a tweet on Wednesday following the release a day before by House Judiciary Committee Republicans of hundreds of pages of transcripts from last year’s closed-door interview with ex-FBI attorney Lisa Page.

“The just revealed FBI Agent Lisa Page transcripts make the Obama Justice Department look exactly like it was, a broken and corrupt machine,” Trump wrote. “Hopefully, justice will finally be served.”

The president added in a later tweet:

“Comey testified (under oath) that it was a ‘unanimous’ decision on Crooked Hillary. Lisa Page transcripts show he LIED.”

Tuesday’s release of the transcripts revealed new details about the FBI’s controversial internal discussions regarding an “insurance policy” against then-candidate Trump, according to Fox News.

Page told the committee the text message about an “insurance policy” if Trump won the 2016 election – which Republicans have used to claim an anti-Trump bias among the investigators – was referring to the fact the FBI’s counterintelligence probe into whether members of Trump’s team were colluding with Russia would become much more important if he was elected president, according to CNN.

“If he is not elected, then, to the extent that the Russians were colluding with members of his team, we’re still going to investigate that even without him being president, because any time the Russians do anything with a U.S. person . . . it’s very serious to us,” Page said.

“But if he becomes president, that totally changes the game,” she explained. “He’s going to immediately start receiving classified briefings. He’s going to be exposed to the most sensitive secrets imaginable. And if there is somebody on his team who wittingly or unwittingly is working with the Russians, that is super serious.”

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