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Man Saved From Certain Peril After Mystery Man [time traveler] Taps Him On Shoulder & Says “Watch Out” Seconds Before Disaster

A tradesman in Adana, when he corrected the bench in front of the workplace, he noticed that the lid of the truck’s case was open thanks to the warning he had made by touching a person’s shoulder.

Central Seyhan district in the Tellidere neighborhood market manager Serdar Binici’yi right in front of the workplace in front of the bench to fix a person does not recognize by touching his shoulder was warned.

Facing the direction that this person pointed, the rider saw that a lorry had come quickly and that the hatch of his safe was open to the side.

In the images reflected to the security camera of the workplace, the rider quickly escaped after the warning and crashed at the head of the cover.

Rider, said in a statement, touching a person’s shoulder and “look at the back,” he said, returning to the specified point of surprise, on it said.

Binici noticed that the lid of the van and quickly come over the transfer, “a moment I bowed myself with a panic resurrected myself God bless me. He could have been dead without it. When I saw the security camera footage, I knew it was real. “ said.

At the moment of the incident, the driver came to the shopkeepers in order to apologize.

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