How Dogs Can See The Unseen World Within The Invisible Light Spectrum

Cats And Dogs Can See Invisible Things, Science Confirms
There has been significant research into Ultraviolet (UV) Light and the studies have shown that animals such as cats and dogs can see UV light. As humans can’t see UV light with the naked eye, this means that the animals’ vision can detect things that humans are simply unable to. This research has caused a lot of speculation that these animals can see a wide range of frequencies that are undetectable to the human eye. Some people have even suggested that they might be able to see ghosts or spirits of the dead with their heightened abilities of sight.

A new study has been conducted by Ronald Douglas, a professor of biology at City University London and Glenn Jeffrey, a professor of neuroscience at University College London. Their study was concerned with ultraviolet vision in the animal kingdom. The results were quite surprising.

Many different things reflect UV light in the animal kingdom. For example patterns on flowers that indicate where nectar is, urine trails that lead to prey, and reindeer could see where polar bears are as snow reflects UV, but white fur does not so they would be able to steer clear. Without this capability, the white fur of the polar bear would simply blend into the snow, as it does if a human looked at it. The pollen on flowers is also clearly visible to bees, however, it’s not to humans. The image below shows what humans see compared to what bees see with UV sensitivity.

Dog Spectrum Visible
While it has long been known that these UV capabilities existed in animals, this study was the first to show that this ability also exists in domesticated pets such as cats and dogs, as well as many other rodents such as hedgehogs, ferrets, bats, and several others too. This could also explain how animals are able to mark their territory with urine and see others’ urine, as well as how they are able to see in the dark so well.

What else can these animals do?
As well as body heat and urine, it is believed that these animals can also see other things that are invisible to humans, such as various chemicals, even the very weak and mild chemicals that are used to brighten paper. Compared to humans, animals have many more senses and advantages in the world that humans can’t even comprehend right now. These new findings could help with that though. It could help to understand more about reality. Maybe even help to create technology that allows humans to heighten some of their senses to the level of these animals. That is quite a long shot though and won’t probably be happening in the next few years. Take a look at a video on this topic below.

It has always been known that cats and dogs have superior senses to humans but this takes it to a whole new level. Hopefully, with further studying and research, we will be able to understand how they can see things we can’t and perhaps one day, just one day, we could develop something that allows us to see what they can. Maybe then we’ll get an insight as to what it’s like to live with the ability to see UV light. What is clear though, is that humans aren’t as advanced or evolved as we think. So many animals have this capability, and now it’s been discovered that even mammals do too. While it’s extremely interesting to see what they see in photographs, it really puts into perspective how undeveloped and how far behind we are compared to Mother Nature. Me personally, I have mixed feelings. I feel a bit out place being among animals that have far superior capabilities to me but I’m also fascinated by their abilities to see the UV light and I’m also intrigued to know more. What do you think?

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