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Rapper YNW Melly Killed 3 Of His Friends As Sacrifices; Rewarded With 3 New Songs/Collaborations

It doesn’t get much “fishier” than this. This kid YNW Melly is up on live telling his fans to essentially stop giving him messages of condolence for his recently murdered friends. The reason: he thought comments like, “keep ya head up” were, “lame” and “stupid as fuck”.

These were not just friends these were key members of the YNW crew. So he serves up his 3 hood rat friends after they told him they needed 3 of them to make it a worthwhile sacrifice. And here are the 3 tracks that his sacrifice bought him.

What a little punk ass faggot bitch this boy is. Now that you’re all up in the industry, all big boy industry people are gonna take turns getting all up in your ass and really turn you out.

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