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 Feb 10 2019 posted to Conspiracy Theories

If this doesn’t convince you the moon landings were fake… nothing will


If this doesn’t convince you the moon landings were fake... nothing will

This is prolly my last moon landing hoax post I’m going to do. nothing imo, is needed to further convince the lunatics out there 

i’ll Start of with this video, made by a guy called jet wintzer. this chap really has gone to some trouble making the video. It’s packed with detail and leaves no room for disbelief!

in it, he features a portion sounds being made in the Apollo footage (which are an impossibility in the vacuum of space). Nasa has tried to debunk these hammer sounds, stating… the sounds were created from the vibrations through the suits. Which imo doesn’t hold water and is insulting.

In one part as an astronaut jumps from the lander, you can quite clearly hear a metallic sharp/high pitched leading edge to the sound from the hammer. it is completely impossible for a padded glove and suit to be a medium to such a sound! I struggle to believe even a dull thud could be heard through a full space suit and extremely thick gloves??

Here’s the video……

Still not convinced? Here’s another vid with impossible sounds…..

heres another bizarre bit of Apollo footage. If you go to 2.05 in the video. The astronaut drops something resembling a handkerchief and to my amazement without any of them seeing it, turns around and picks it up ?!?!? ….perhaps he heard it 🤣


and lastly, there’s absolutely no arguing with this last piece of footage! ……it’s the nail in the coffin for me


Flat Earth Cruise Finally AnnouncedLast Reply Reply


Feb 10 2019, edited Feb 10 2019


They are going back to stay – Just posted.  2


Feb 10 2019 replied to Tiphereth


It’s like talking to a brick wall. 3 threads about how everything is fake.  4


OP Feb 10 2019 replied to MrZorg edited Feb 10 2019

Log in to read this comment 1


Feb 10 2019 replied to MrZorg

Hey Zorg. Has anyone done the math on the “handkerchief” falling down to prove or disprove the moon footage? Less gravity but no atmosphere… it fell down pretty quick. 0


Feb 10 2019 replied to BMazed

with no atmosphere a handkerchief would fall at the same speed as a lead ball. Gravity is applied equally to everything 0


Feb 10 2019 replied to Afflicted

This is known. What I don’t know is the acceleration due to gravity, which the moon has less of. I’ll try to work out the math tomorrow but it’s going to be a headache. The astronauts moon walking seemed to fall slower than whatever that object was. 0


Feb 10 2019 replied to BMazed

You could drop a handkerchief, an astronaut, a lead bar, etc… off a cliff on the moon. They will all fall at the exact same rate. There is nothing to work out about that 1


Feb 11 2019 replied to BMazed

Apollo did the feather and the hammer on the moon.



OP Feb 11 2019 replied to MrZorg

I do hope you don’t use this as proof zorg?!?

nasa has a giant vacuum chamber, which just happens to have been built in ‘’’1969’’’ …that is not proof!

facepalm… 0


OP Feb 10 2019 replied to Tiphereth

Oyeah, just seen your post


but to go back they have to have gone in the first place?? Anyone after seeing fake moon landing videos and still think we’ve gone need to attempt getting a Darwin Award  0


Feb 10 2019 replied to Bittersweet

Its all about the hits Bitter like I said. Also take notice of all the “Guests” digging up months old posts and trying to reopen them after they have been all but forgotten. People most likely do not even remember what they said they are so old. It does not take much of a detective to see whats happening. 1


OP Feb 10 2019 replied to Danny_28764 edited Feb 10 2019

Nice to see your not blind Danny. There’s no question the moon landing were fake

ive even read a story of how it was made in England and they tried to convince Stanley Kubrick, he said no. So they started to film in front of him after showing him the set. He couldn’t handle watching the do it because he was a perfectionist he took over and done it 0


Feb 10 2019 replied to Bittersweet

Stanleys movie cost him his life too. First he was part of the game and then he wanted to get out of the game and went public…they never survive that move. 0


OP Feb 10 2019 replied to Danny_28764

That’s what I’ve heard. I have to watch eyes wide shut! I still haven’t 0

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