Kamala Harris Has Her Dirty Past Revealed By Scummy San Fran Mayor.

Leftists maintain a strict code of conduct. Though, it only seems to apply to people with an “R” after their name. When you’re a card-carrying lefty, you’re free to shirk morality all you want. Don’t believe me? Have a look at this former San Francisco mayor’s revelations about Kamala Harris.

San Francisco Mayor Admits to Affair With Kamala Harris, Advancing Her Career

Former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown addressed his past relationship with Sen. Kamala Harris in a letter to the SanFrancisco Chronicle on Saturday and acknowledged giving her appointments that furthered her career.

“Yes, we dated. It was more than 20 years ago,” wrote Brown, who said he had “been peppered with calls from the national media about my ‘relationship’ with Kamala Harris, particularly since it became obvious that she was going to run for president.”

Brown was married at the time he and Harris dated, but – because he had been “estranged from his wife” Blanche Brown since 1981, according to People magazine –the relationship was not kept secret..

Keep in mind, we’re talking about a supposed #metoo supporter. Kamala Harris is currently trying to score a new gig in the Oval Office. If we’re to believe Mayor McSleaze’s story, she got where she is through some tactical adultery and favoritism. Not because of her incomparable political prowess.

Funnily enough, I don’t see the left kicking up much of a fuss over this revelation. If this were a Republican, lefties would be calling for their unethical head on a platter. Though, seeing as this particular individual has a “D” after her name, they’re willing to let it slide.

Lefties are a bunch of hypocritical douchenuggets. There’s no other way to put it. They expect the rest of us to live up to the highest ethical standards. Yet, they’re free to hump their way to the top without the slightest criticism. Pathetic..

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