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There’s a Stench at the FBI and DOJ – Granite Grok

Apparently Dems are perfectly fine with rampant corruption within the D. O. J, so long as it was Trump who was the target of these illegal offensive tactics that were being used by the F. B. I., to, for example, falsify and misrepresent information in a dossier used to obtain a F. I. S. A. warrant from a judge for the purposes of spying on Trump campaign official Carter Paige.

There’s a Stench at the FBI and DOJ


Something is rotten at the FBI and DOJ

There’s something wrong at the top of the FBI and DoJ. Is it time to clean out the leadership? Clearly, the nation has an expectation of integrity from the top law enforcement agency in the land. We need accountability for bad acts such as exceeding ones authority, ethical violations and constitutional violations. Those guilty of such bad behaviors should be removed and prosecuted, where necessary.

Is it institutional?

There are lots of good people in the FBI. These good, hard-working people of integrity are disgusted with what’s happened to their agency. They deserve better leadership. FBI leadership needs accountability, not just firing, but true accountability. Some need to be prosecuted for using their positions as a political weapon. Mueller was an issue during his time at the FBI. He was followed by Comey who continued and amplified the behaviors. We see the result in agents like Strozk, McCabe reaching positions of leadership. It appears there may be an institutional problem.

How wrong are the acts?

The FBI’s inquiry into the President’s alleged connection with Russia is a case in point. Such actions should scare the public. When did it become okay for the FBI to decide, on its own, to go and investigate a duly elected president of the United States? That is quite aside from the fact the agency has been caught knowingly misleading the FISA court to get a warrant to eavesdrop on him as a candidate. They just decide to go after him because they want to? Really? This is incredibly damaging to the way our constitutional republic is supposed to work.

It is a bombshell is that we have the highest law enforcement agency in the country deciding to go on a clandestine investigation the president of the United States. That’s banana republic stuff. Compounding the acts themselves is the apparent a political double standard in play. Little does it matter what party the President belongs to. It would have been just as wrong if former president Obama was the one being accused.

And consider what the reaction would have been if the FBI had decided to investigate Obama, Bill Clinton or anybody else for that matter, just because they had heard something based on rumor? The media should have been reporting not only the acts. It should also have communicated the significance of the acts. But they are noticeably missing in action. What good is freedom of the press if the press is acting as the propaganda arm of the government?

The next question is where has the Department of Justice been in all of this? Why hasn’t the Inspector General done anything? Did Rod Rosenstein sign off on FISA warrant application he knew was improperly supported? Bruce Ohr did not call a halt, when he knew by his own hand written notes, that there was an issue with the support for FISA warrant? The DoJ goes after settlements with corporate actors that result in financial support of select political operatives? A former AG thought it was okay to hold a meeting on the tarmac with a relative of someone under investigation?


This is really, really scary stuff. Stop and think about it. The best interest of the people does not lie with party politics. The problem isn’t that this is a partisan matter. The problem is that this level of corruption exists at all. Worse yet, it has been allowed to grow unchecked and without revelation. This is how we are allowing our government to function? Our nation has gone a considerable distance down the road to tyranny. What are we going to do about it?Tagged: AccountabilityCorruptionDOJFBITyranny

by Percy Blakeney

“They seek him here, they seek him there, those Frenchies seek him everywhere. Is he in heaven or is he in hell? That damned elusive Pimpernel.”

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