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Crazy Racist Black Student Employee Harrasses Another Student For Being White & Wearing Dreadlocks. – AMERICAN INSANITY

Best Example of Virtue Signaling/Social Justice Terrorism & Bullying

This is America’s new age racist. Not the white nationalist uprising that CNN fraudulently claims exists, and does not. It is the slightly educated, low-iq, entitled suburban black girl, armed with a basket of liberal narratives, and perceived oppression from our “white patriarchal” society who dominate today’s messy discourse on modern race relations.

These girls need to stop moderating the discussion. It is not an accurate representation of how the mainstream culture of blacks actually interact with whites on the norm. These insane liberal college professors are indoctrinating these kids with this ultra hateful rhetoric that paints the rest of the society as oppressive and inherently racist towards whites.

 All I wanted to do was power punch this girl through the front of her skull and drag her by her bloodied face up those stairs and toss her in the dumpster out in the parking lot. The nasty intolera…


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