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ANTIFA Defended By CNN

Don Lemon is not kidding when he refers to ANTIFA as this righteous, fascist- fighting organization.  When in fact they are nothing more than a semblance of warped, entitled, neo-marxist, post modern, transtrender maniacs who have no issue inflicting serious forms of violence upon its perceived enemies. 

Judicial Watch Going After Clinton

18:57 18.08.2018 (updated 18:58 18.08.2018)Get short URL 13583 The email scandal continues to haunt Hillary Clinton, the former secretary of state and ex-Democratic presidential nominee, as Judicial Watch, a non-profit conservative organization, has unearthed two new batches of Clinton’s emails and called for a new investigation into her mishandling of classified government data. It seemsContinue reading “Judicial Watch Going After Clinton”