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Cenk Unger’s Toolbag Nephew Calls Local Reporter A Snitch For Trying To Stop Looters During Hurricane

This fancey pants reporter was being mean to the local black looters according to Cenks nephew. (I refuse to learn his real name).

Where do I begin.  Things got super cringey as usual when watching this Young Turks editorial masterpiece put on by Cenks young, five o’clocked shadowed, entitled millennial nephew.  His not-so-slick attempt to mock what is a terrible epitome of a classic southern racist, makes him come off as the low-tiered, second rate civilian that he is.   A special needs kid who has as much clout to lend his infinite wisdom and opinions on social issues as a spoiled, middle-school-aged preteen girl.  Which is what he sounds like when he does his impressions of the racist white people in his stories that he loathes so much.  What would we do without your silly reporting on the front lines of race relations.

Why would people think it’s ok to loot a store like a bunch of savages?  They had been laying in wait for the stores employees to abandon the store before pouncing.

“OO-O… Who knows when services will be restored and they will be able to get food again?”…

As if these people are somehow in peril and in desperate need of these supplies that they are feverishly looting from the store. 

“Uhh..oo…”Shut the hell up man. 

Its barely drizzling anymore and the people from the projects straight out here robbing that store blind.  This isn’t the aftermath of Hurricane Andrew where a whole county was flattened and it was a real emergency situation. This was petty theft on a wholesale scale, being filmed live. 

They are claiming that the reporter is being racist for scolding the neighborhood residents for looting their local Dollar Store.  This reporting was characterized as portraying the black community in a poor light.   C’mon people.  And why on earth would you claim Dollar Store managers had the authority to allow this when they told the employees and local police to stand down?

No.  Sorry.  Looting a store like that in broad daylight is a crime that most residents should frown upon and would be delighted to see that law enforcement was doing something about.  No.  This news reporter was not being a snitch.  That’s the dumbest, lamest attempt to try to look like “you down wit tha people”.  Maybe some of the local black citizens don’t want their people acting crazy and and stealing from the community.  Your a snitch…Cenks nephew.  I don’t know why, but you just look like you be tellin’ on your people when the time comes.  So shut the mm up.  Calling that reporter a snitch, while trying to look like you down with the culture, is a double bad look.

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I’m snitching on you right now for being an illegal social justice mercenary in todays civil war that has been inspired and instigated by the left to bring back 90’s era style racism and keep it at the forefront of conversation. 

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