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The Left Consists Of The Dumbest Most Useless People On Earth.

All the people at these things look like they’ve been gathered up from every high schools AV department.  Or maybe the parking lot of a L.A.R.P. event.   Better yet more like the crater-faced chodes who used to hang out at AV late after school because they couldn’t go home until their stepdad finished cooking up the months meth supply.  I am sure none of these losers actually graduated, but ended up getting expelled or dropped out before they failed out academically. [arve url=”″ /]

These are all the toolbags no one ever liked and still doesn’t like, so they are mad at everyone who has achieved any kind of success or status in life.  They want to claim that the game of life is rigged against them, rather than coming to terms with the reality that is their shittiness at life.  Sucking at life is what these people specialize in. 

That girl who was trying to get Charlie removed actually thought she had ground to stand on and would be successful in getting the cops to remove him.  It is very true that free speech, and the Bill Of Rights as a whole, are not important to today’s progressive leftist.  They think they have a much better alternative doctrine of thought, based upon censorship, disarming its citizens, and seizure and redustribution of their money.


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