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IT’S OKAY TO BE WHITE: How 4chan Redpilled the Normies

IT’S OKAY TO BE WHITE: How 4chan Redpille…]

These are the true colors of many of our young people of color in this country.  They have been brainwashed by extremist liberal educators who have taught them to live a life of detachment and DERANGEMENT towards society as as whole. In particular, white people. This girl in the beginning seriously does appear to have extreme mental health issues because of this. The lack of gratefulness is unreal. 

These kids have developed a kind of white derangement syndrome from their high school and collegiate educators.   And unfortunately many of these college professors have tenure therefore are not held accountable for any of the hateful rhetoric that they spew on a daily basis, Year after year,  Creating this deformed and the defiled generation of kids.   No one is going to want to hire these kids into the workforce and if they do get in they will begin to destroy it from its core when I say it I mean the decency and civility of society.

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