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The #WalkAway Movement Is Most Important Political Rally Cry In History

This is the rational people that still makeup the majority of Americans, standing up and telling the radical left that enough is enough. This is not what most Democrats signed up for. The extremism, intolerance, bullying, virtue signaling, race baiting, sexual perversion, public violence and professional victimhood,  which have all become full time practices of the left, need to stop.

They need to be stopped by the rest of us politically centered people.  The best way to combat this (especially if your already a Democrat) is to simply #WalkAway.  Distance yourself and your support for this extreme and radical progressive stance that had been taken by many of the veteran and up and coming political figures from the left.

  The real Democrats need to reclaim their party and set aside these radical maniacs into the fringes of reality where they came from.

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