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Jeanine Pirro, Candace Owens – Outrageous Statements

Samantha Bee Hit By Bus. Candace & Judge Pirrio Talk Most Outrageous Statements From The Left.
Paco Mack Uncategorized September 14, 2018 0 Minutes

Watching Samantha Bee get her feckless cunt annihilated by a bus as she attempts to cross the road like an autistic child running away from their special ed teachers during their first day of school.

I seriously am starting to think that all this savage and insane behavior that we are seeing from the left is the result of some conservative behind the scenes at the network’s who is trying to make Democrats look as crazy as possible. No rational person on this planet could actually think or believe that Socialism is anywhere close to being a good idea. 
Samantha Bee ran over by a bus. Nice.

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