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Another Womp Womp Bullshit Dramatic Headline: “ICE wants to deport mom weeks before she gets her green card.”

So the headline straight up insinuates in its headline that this woman is set to get her green card in a week but big bad super mean I.C.E. is trying to deport her before she gets it. Well once you read into the article you find that this woman merely applied for her green card after the court was able to track her down after a deportation order was issued for her when she was 15. So basically she got caught for being here Illegally for decades and after she appeared in court she scrambled to try to apply for citizenship, citing her marriage to a U.S. citizen. Marriage is normally a good enough reason, except in cases when you broke the law to come here Illegally in the first place. So she would have gotten her green when she got married if she had simply legally applied for it and used the proper channels to gain entry to this country. We can’t have undocumented humans living in our cities. Urban areas would become apocalyptic wastelands run by MS-13 warlords.

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