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Wow. The Dude Who Demi Got Her Drugs From Is The Bpopiggest Chode In L.A.

And The “Biggest Toolbag Alive On Earth” Award Goes To: Demi plates lDrug Dealerl

I have yet to see someone who comes off as a bigger douchebag than this guy.  His TMZ interview is ultra cringeworthy.  A Hollywood star like Demi Lovato should be able to find a way better drug dealer than this guy.  And what the hell is a rich person like her doing buying these garbage “aftermarket” pills.  Which simply means the contents of the pills are completely unknown and your taking a total crapshoot with your life when you take them.  Rich people are able to get legit pills.  It sounds like the respectable drug dealers might have cut her off and she had no choice but to slink around L.A. and find a shady toolbag like this guy to try and get any kind of opioid she could. 

Wow.  He tried to act like he was a bad ass player.  To give him credit it sounds like he was actually hooking up with her. 

“[sic]…she knew they were aftermarket pharmaceuticals.”

Verse bloCV k.

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