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GUNFIGHT: Example Of Weak, Poorly Trained Cops vs. Volatile, Low IQ Black Motorist.

This clip clearly shows the driver violently reacting to the cops when they tried cuffing him, then breaking free and pulling a gun and unloading on the 2 troopers.


1st off you have got to be getting me that those two cops were not able to get this guy to turn around and put handcuffs on him.  I mean those two cops must be the weakest, most gutless two police officers in the state. Then after they had been rolling on the ground with him for several minutes they just stood back and watched as they allowed him to go in through the window of his car and grab his gun and proceed to unload on the two of them. 

The video is very raw and real. I usually have a strong stomach for these videos but this one had me hating on the criminal element of society very intensely, as well as being disgusted that there are police officers this poorly trained and this gutless running around out there armed with glocks,  Supposedly enforcing the law and keeping us safe.

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