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Nice To See Some Wild Orcas Outside of SeaWorld Chilling By The Beach

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Good to see some healthy wild orcas hanging out around the shoreline. At first I was concerned they were captive, but then I saw how upright and normal their healthy dorsal fin looked. All the ones held in captivity end up with deformed curved/curled dorsal fins. They claim they do not know why this happens but clearly since the whales that are held in captivity live 30 to 40 years less than whales living in the wild. It doesn’t take a genius to see that holding these whales as captives for shows at Sea World is fundamentally cruel and the curved fin is an obvious clue that holding these things in captivity is something that needs to be made very illegal and enforced stringently. You might as well simply be torturing them as your slowly killing them. Humans can be better than that.

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