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Tommy Robinson Wins Appeal. Finally Freed From Prison After An Outrageos Sentence Imposed By British Legal System

Why does the media label this man a far-right radical simply because he opposes the barbaric system of Sharia Law, an md the U.K.’s mystifying response of seemingly allowing certain areas of exclusively Muslim residents to be ran in accordance with and of Sharia Law.

Because of this, he has every right to speak out against Islam trying to impose itself upon an unwilling society, attempting to supercede the actual federal penal code that the rest of the population is forced to abide by.

You can see the overwhelming support Tommy Robinson was given by British citizens.

Muslims have been pouring into Europe at a wild rate and rather than show gratitude towards the country and people of their new home, they show dissent and rebellion towards its peoples and its laws.

Muslims are have always been inconsiderate of the laws and cultural norms of any western country. They will illegally migrate to, then colonize sections of Europe and selfishly expect the native population to step aside and allow them to do whatever they please in the name of Islam and religious freedom.

Inevitably everywhere Islam goes, violence, oppression and civil unrest follows. People like Tommy Robinson are saying what needs to be said. How can you call this racist?

Islam is NOT a race. The ethnicity of the followers of Islam are inconsequential. Sharia law is cultural manifestation of extreme theology based law. Opposing the ugly and nasty parts of Sharia law and the teachings of Islam is not racist. Tommy Robinson is clearly recognizing and pointing out that Muslim culture, which is deeply intertwined with strict Islamic doctrine, is simply not compatible with Western culture. A culture that does not tolerate violence. and oppression the way Islam does.

There are Jewish and Christian Arabs in the middle east. They are not part of the dreadful Muslim culture.

This is not about the Arab race of people. It’s about the cultural incompatibility of two different cultures, when one group’s apparent sense of entitlement to bring their barbaric religious practices with them wherever they go, ends up causing immense suffering to the culture attempting to to be fair and compassionate. As if being a Musglim entitles you to ignore and besmirch the laws of the country in which they reside and so liberally use the welfare benefits of.

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