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Firefighter Saves Dog Howling For Its Life Inside Burning Apartment.

This is an example of someone doing their job. Performing their job above and beyond normal standards. Exactly how a true professional behaves.

Your creator remembers these little things when it comes time for final judgement.

There are too many cops who don’t seem to think they need to act as emergency personnel when responding to scenes. They don’t want to get blood on their uniform, or run into a burning home to help a person or animal. That’s your fucking job.

This firefighter just does this kind of thing instinctively. He doesn’t need reward or praise after heroic acts. Which is why he’s a badass.

Too often from police, the only kind of extra effort we see is the effort to grab a rifle out of the trunk of their cruiser and fire it into the back window of a car filled with teens as it drives away from them. They instinctively are able to use tools of death to go above and beyond their duty. So they need to start thinking of ways to help those that are living. Try saving a child or a dog one day instead of merely perfecting your varying methods of taking lives through different means of firing a metal projectile into another humans living tissue.

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