The Satanism In Hip Hop Videos Is Getting Out of Control: [Young Thug – Up (feat. Lil Uzi Vert)]

Hollywood has stopped trying to be subtle when worshiping Satan in film and music. The symbolism has always been there. Just check out any Superbowl halftime show, or MTV Video Music Awards ceremony. It’s all over the place. But there was always a kind of artistic method they would use to blend the symbolism into the theme of whatever product they were putting out.

Not in this video. There are seriously at least 2 or 3 blatant, outright symbols of Satan in every single fucking scene. I mean Jesus. God bless Jesus, Amen. I felt dirty after watching this music video and very ashamed that I kind of liked the song. Just watch for yourself, good god. I knew that Puff Daddy was a reported Satanist and practitioner of the dark arts. But he has taken things to a new level and seems to be using his television network, Revolt, as a Satanic worshiping throne for the world.

Be careful kids. They are trying to indoctrinate the youth with this garbage, and they aren’t trying to hide it anymore.

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