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Candace Owens OWNS Anchor on MSNBC For Race Baiting & Pigeon-Holing Her With Always Black Guests

My hatred for MSNBC is deep and pure. The only network I hold contempt for more than MSNBC is CNN. Merely because at least MSNBC does not claim to be unbiased. While the Jim Acosta-plagued Crybaby-Nimwit-Network will actually tell anyone who asks with a straight face that they are completely even-keeled with their political narratives.

In this clip the lovely Moderate Conservative Candace Owens DESTROYS MSNBC for being the lame progressive demagogues they are. Pointing out their continuous failure to report on relevant current newsworthy topics and continuing to chirp about the same anti-Trump-flavored talking points over and over again like a bunch of low IQ parrots.

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