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Animalistic Screams, Hissing & Schizophrenic Wailing From Democratic Anti-Conservative, Unemployed Liberal Mercenaries Known As ANTIFA

The way in which you hear these activists screech and squeal at the top of their lungs in a maniacal type way, like that of a pack of escaped mental health patients, is more disturbing than I can even give it credit for being.  Watch for yourself.  Jesus.   And Democrats wonder why more and more young people are leaving the party. #WalkAway

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Conservative personalities Charlie Kirk and Candice Owens were attempting to enjoy breakfast in Philadelphia when they suddenly noticed that the people at the table across from them were eyeballing them and then looked down and feverishly began texting on their phones and making phone calls to their “friends”.

Not to their surprise once they got out of the restaurant and onto the street they were faced with  a mass of left wing liberal ground soldiers who had staged a protest.  The screaming and howling that ensued was absolutely unreal. It also appeared to have been a group of people who were summoned to create as much of a disturbance as possible and did not seem like a genuine protest against political innuendo made up of people with genuine beliefs of anything politically coherent.   

They looked like the people who live in the alley accross from some liberal college professors apartment.  These people looked like sewer rats and clearly had nowhere else to be.  So I can only assume as to what kind of financial benefits they were getting from participating in this rally designed to harass and intimidate conservatives.  They were probably dug up by the DNC from one of those “clean needle” heroin injection tents.

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