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This Is What Dellusional Leaders In Dubai Think The City Will Become. Unrealistic Resort Paradise Where Alcohol Isn’t Even Legal

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There is a misconception out there that westerners are allowed to drink alcohol in Dubai. This is false and they will arrest and detain you. It’s a pretty stupid law to have in a city and country that is trying to transform itself into the premier resort destination of the world.

The leaders of the United Arab Emirates have realized for a long time that their crude oil supplies will be exhausted sooner than later. In response the ruling royal family have been attempting to pump massive amounts of money into building the skyline of Dubai with its man made islands, 5 star resorts and many other exotic wonders of the world.

However it seems to be increasingly more and more unrealistic That the city will be able to sustain this outrageously high level of luxury and quality of life currently experienced for a resident of Dubai.

This computer rendering of what they hope Dubai to eventually look like seems outrageous and far reaching for a city that recently had to be given billions in loans from neighboring city-state Abu Dhabi.

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