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“WHEN YOU DON’T BELONG IN THE V.I.P.” – Snookie from “Jersey Shore” Stealing Money From Strippers

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By. Paco Mack the Rational Citizen
This is probably exactly what happens when you allow riff raff into the part of the club reserved for the rich and famous.  Snookie is scrambling on the ground snatching up all the strippers cash to the horror of her other Jersey Shore roomates.
She sees the money floating down from above her and says to “Sich”,…”they’re giving money”…”Mike, put it in your pocket”.  Mike looks back at her like she’s an alien and JWow is seen shaking her head at the camera.  Snookie got so blinded by the sense of free cash to be had, that she threw aside all common sense and just instinctively grabbed at the cash and started STUFFING THE BILLS INTO HER PURSE.  That’s right.  She was on her hands and knees stuffing the bills into her purse as if she was on a game show.
I was competely speechless watching this episode.  To do something like that in the V.I.P. section of a stripclub in Miami is unheard of.  So much so that I doubt any other places have ever even seen a patron ever do something like that. This goes to show that she had no business being in that V.I.P. room in the first place. That’s reserved for real celebrities and professional athletes.
When Mike “The Situation” tells her she needs to stop she says [sic] “look at this money, we’re rich… this is a whole lot of diapers”.  She brings up her children as a weapon to gain sympathy for her actions.  As if she’s a impoverished mother.  I believe she was paid several million dollars for the pictures from her wedding and of her infant children.

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