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How Does Kanye Get Away With Using These Celebrities’ Clones While Sleeping/Hibernating

Clearly Kanye must be tight with whoever is in charge of the celebrity cloning center.
Don’t people realize that those bodies are living, breathing tissue?  They would have to be. Common sense would tell you that there is no way he got Presidents George W. Bush and Donald Trump to lay naked in bed together for a fucking music video. Nevermind the rest of the crew.
Ive heard that these celebrities have multiple replicant clones that are left in a state of suspended animation where the vessel breathes shallowly and is fed a paste-like substance for sustinence until they decide to move their consciousness into that body.
Creepy as anything I’ve seen. You can just tell when something is just a piece of inanimate material vs. a living person with a soul. The way their facial muscles rest on their jaw and skull are more articulated and with contoured.  Those bodies are living flesh but blank.
Someone at the cloning facility who cares for the replicas in the celebrity section was a Kanye fan and let him borrow the ones he wanted to make the music video.

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