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These Guys Know How To Fight. These Boys From The U.K. Can Whoop Ass. Those Guys Were Badass

The 2 guys that eventually jump in and destroy the other 2 are seasoned street fighting experts. They must not have been good friends with the dude who got jumped but knew him will enough to decide they had had enough watching this bar bully pound on the kid because they WRECKED big dude and his other friend real quick.
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That big kud got knocked out on the first punch thrown.  The way they delivered each blow with dizzying speed and blistering force. They knew how to finish off any human standing in front of them with 5 blows max.

The way the 2nd guy was able to hoist and leverage that chair to smash it over the big guys head and body was extremely impressive.  Those chairs are heavy.  He took nearly a dozen hammerings from the chair before it finally broke apart on top of the guy’s body on the parting shot.

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