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Very Credible & Fascinating Theory Of Pyramids As An Aquatic Wonderland


Pyramids may have been built using assistance of marine vessels and other water-mounted machinery built within manmade canals, aquaducts and dams.  Then perhaps “operated” these structures within a water filled depression surrounding them.

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Greek historians who visited Egypt far back in antiquity wrote of seeing two enormous pyramids “equal in size and stature” to the largest of the Great Pyramids of Giza.  These two structures were jutting straight out from a large manmade reservoir, and even had a large statue of a pharoah atop each of them as their capstone.
Click image for link to original about this ancient site.
This historically accurate depiction of what may have been two “functional” pyramid compounds lends itself to a popular hypothesis of the utility of these buildings being utilized as a water fueled, power generating, resonance device.  Possibily using the impact vibrations of the pounding and force of immense water weight exuded upon the pyramids walls to generate energy of some sort.

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