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Orcas Talking Back & Forth With Norwegian Researchers

Man Whistles to Wild Orcas Never Anticipating Such a Memorable Response Seconds Later

There are still many things we don’t know about different species of animals. Orcas are one of them. That’s why the Norwegian Orca Survey, a non-profit organization, was founded in the hopes of learning more about the killer whale species. Despite the name killer whale the orca isn’t actually a whale, but rather it’s the largest species of dolphin. The term likely was coined over the years after sailors witnessed orcas hunting in packs to chase down a whale larger than themselves.

Recently, Eve Jourdain and Richard Karoliussen were out on the water in northern Norway collecting research on orcas when they came across an especially playful bunch and had to record the exchange. At first the marine researchers simply observed, but after listening to one make a lot of sound Richard decided to attempt whistling at them. The next exchange that occurred caught them completely off guard.

The orcas responded to Richard’s whistling and began playfully coming close to the boat and jumping out of the water in response. Richard continued to whistle at them and the orcas remained there playing with them for hours. It almost looked as though the orcas were just big, playful puppies that belong in the ocean. You can tell that the orcas are having fun and the lucky researchers witnessing it firsthand feel the same. What a wonderful exchange between such majestic creatures and humans. Watch the unforgettable exchange for yourself in the video below.

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