Are Students Ever Even Told Of The Concept of Free Speech Anymore? Shocking List Of Banned Words On Michigan Campus.

These videos are not made and then plastered all over Conservative blogs to show that all young people are dumb because all they are taught are progressive views.  They simply have LITERALLY never heard someone like Steven Crowder appeal to their sense of logic and bring up the issue of FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS.  This isn’t some obscure topic. It’s the first line on the Bill of Rights.  Nowadays people regard the concept that any and all speech should be allowed as almost Taboo.  As if there is an unspoken understanding amoung everyone that we aren’t to condone the public assertion of any Conservative held beliefs.  Many people may hold liberal beliefs in regard to the bulk of the most talked about social issues.  Yet their may be 1 or 2 points of contention they have with certain progressive stances on specific legal applications to a proposed bill.
Like this popular heated debate as an example:
A new bill which now allows for ANYONE to use whatever bathroom they feel like, as not to offend anyone’s gender identity.
You may be a proud Democratic Liberal in most regards.  However, you might not agree with this specific progressive stance on deciding to endorse this new bill.  Therefore you are technically holding conservative views in regards to this particular topic. If you were to go out and publicly assert this opinion you would subject yourself to possible shaming and alienation from the liberal peanut gallery. You would be told that you are actually a full blown a Conservative if that’s how you felt about “transgender rights”.
There is no such thing as a Moderate Democrat anymore. As a result of this intolerance and automatic condemnation of anyone who fails to uphold each and every liberal value, the left has trapped itself within its own bubble of interparty intimidation and radicalism.  Its own members are under the constant threat of being subjected to a harrowing public shaming from its most outspoken members.  Followed by expulsion from the party.  All in retaliation to an individual daring to speak out on any inconsistency inherent to certain liberal views that may be glaringly Unconstitutional, racist or discriminatory.
Getting back to the source of the ignorance shown towards the topic of free speech in these Michigan college students, it appears to be because no teacher has ever even brought up Conservative philosophies.  You can’t blame the kids for never having been challenged to really evaluate the body and meaning behind the Bill of Rights.

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