Undercover Reporters Exposing Deep Agents Doing Dirtywork For The DNC

This is great material and it will be great ammunition to galvanize the lowest IQ demographic of the Republican base, but I wasn’t that enraged for some reason.

First off, I don’t think I was particularly moved by these tactics because they clearly didn’t work and most likely fully backfired by encouraging people to get to the polls from all the press coverage of the chaos caused from their incitement of violence.  But also because this kind of underhanded strategy is totally to be expected when your running for the freakin Presidency.  There is no way that Republicans didn’t have people like these working behind the scenes for them during the length of the campaign.

At least he put those homeless guys he paid to cause chaos at the rallies into programs and got them hotels and bought them dinner.

[arve src=”https://vv.ipstatp.com/84241c2badb6475f83d1128db6efbc5a” /]

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