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Liberals Have Abandoned All Civility & Humanity. Resorting To Despicable Tactics. #WalkAway


The recent examples of deplorable human behavior that we have seen from members of the anti-Trump movement is a direct manifestation of a growing and heinous arrogance and malfeasance aimed towards any Conservative viewpoint.  This unhealthy social disorder stems from this growing moral superiority complex that has taken over the psyches of its victims.  This has created an inflated form of egotism and perceived authority they feel grants them the right to utilize a “no holds bar” approach to the tactics they will use to end Trump’s term in office.  Tactics they hope will also aid them in the eventual demise of all other popular conservative movements.  The liberal base of the country has now resorted to the mass indoctrination of a reckless and combative philosophy which concedes that the ends to Trumps presidency is justified by any means necessary.  Not surprisingly, the “means” that they have decided to allow thus far have been straight-up nasty and despicable.

[su_box title="THE WORDS & ACTIONS FROM THE LEFT HAVE BEEN BORDERLINE CRIMINAL & OUTRIGHT IMMORAL" style="soft" box_color="#33363b" radius="9"][/su_box]
Who on earth do these celebrities like Peter Fonda think they are? They seriously believe they are permitted to threaten to throw the presidents child into a cage, poke him with a stick and rape him. This is for real. No joke, no exaggeration.

The left believes that while engaged in their warfare against Trump, they are granted immunity from deploring acts of general violence, child rape, kidnapping, public harassment & humiliation, ideological censorship, verbal & physical assault and most notably, the deprivation of nearly all the protections the amendments in the Bill of Rights bestows upon its citizens.  They have come together and ratified the weaponization of this vile deportment.  Granting their devotee’s the license to unleash their hate upon anyone who dares to show dissent towards their endless liberal insanity and raging Trump Derangement Syndrom(T.D.S). Here is just a sampling of the kind of behavior that has now been sanctioned by top Liberal cohorts. #walkaway

-Hollywood star Peter Fonda articulated his political opinions regarding Trump’s immigration policies by Tweeting:

- " [sic] Baron Trump should be ripped away from his mother and thrown into a cage with Pedofiles."
-   Referred to White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders a "lying gash" (clarifying "gash" is much worse than a "cunt"), who's [sic]"children should be taken away, deported to Arkansas and released into the care of Steven Gobbeis Miller"(a fiercely loyal Trump cabinet member).
-  He called Secretary of Homeland Security Kirsjein Nielsn a "gash" as well, who should be [sic]"thrown into a cage and poked by a passerby and pilloried in Lafayette Square naked & whipped while filming it for posterity".
Shortly after making these Tweets, Fonda was heralded at his movie premiere, receiving no condemnation from the press until they were forced to much later on.

-Congresswoman Maxine Waters(D), California: stood up on a street corner like a 1930’s-style labor union leader, surrounded by her rabid devotees and shouted out that:

[sic] "if you see one (a Trump Cabinet Member) out in public at a restaurant, grocery store, or gasoline station, you should surround them, make a crowd, and push back on them...You tell them they are not wanted!"
-Sarah Huckabee Sanders was told by Sarah Wilkinson, the owner of Lexington, VA restaurant the “Red Hen”, that she could not dine in her establishment, telling Mrs. Sanders & her family that:

 -  [sic] "she and her family were not allowed to dine at the establishment and needed to leave."  The owner's justification was that "she[Sarah Sanders], worked for the Trump administration, and they did not 'approve of his policies"'

-  If that wasn't shocking enough, when she took her family across the street to attempt to dine at another establishment, Ms. Wilkinson, who had just thrown her out minutes earlier, proceeded to follow them to the other restaurant, caused a commotion and demanded that they be removed from that establishment as well! 

Acts like these are the textbook definition of "fascism".  These restaurant owners actual feel they are entitled to deputize and grant themselves the authority to deprive Sarah Sanders and her children them of freedom of movement and her right to feed her family.  All because they hold differing positions on politics.

This all really happened!  I don’t know about you, but there would have been wild repercussions for this restaurant owner if they pulled something like that on me and my family. 

These are some of the most disrespectful, and glaring acts of today’s post-modern discrimination of American citizens and their ideological beliefs that have ever been seen.  Yet shockingly there are plenty of liberal-minded, Trump-Derangement infected citizens, who wholeheartedly condone and sanction this kind of hate.  These spiteful hate-crimes have a seal of approval from the ruling majority within the Democratic party.   The standardization and widespread approval of these logistics of hate have seemingly granted these social justice warriors carte Blache in their tactical approach to destroying Trump and the conservative ideology he represents.  No act is prohibited, so long as they are unleashed upon these conservative rivals who hold ideologies that they so intensely revile.

They feel as though the moral high ground they claim to occupy is built upon a foundation of such pure righteousness and use whatever remedy they see fit to impose their will upon those they deem ideologically and morally inferior. They obnoxiously sit perched high upon a place of self-perceived virtue and political correctness. Squawking and screeching at their conservative minded targets.  Boasting wisdom from their gospel of endless correctness and inclusion. These preachers of liberal elitism spend their time and energy instructing members of society of all the appropriate adjustments needed to the spectrum of fairness they expect to be followed . They will explain to anyone and everyone that they and their counterparts are who “know best”. They have already “sorted everything out” and determined the manner in which society should be restructured to achieve a socialist utopia. They know what policies to implement, and which ones to eliminate. They know how all wealth and property should be redistributed and the manner in which it should confiscated from the hated 1%. And need not worry. They don’t have any plans on hearing your feelings on the matter. They have decided long ago the way things need to be. All they need now is for free thinking, capitalist-minded conservatives like us to be suppressed or eliminated, by force if need be. They permit and support any kind of behavior and implore any hesitation shown towards the principle of using ANY means needed to achieve the domination of their way of thinking.

This is the level of arrogance and we are dealing with. No rational argument or tangible evidence will sway these hard-lined, commie, social justice warriors.  That being said, there are still some logic-driven members on the left that can be rescued and brought to reason. We are seeing them leave the leftist movement in droves with the #WalkAway movement. So our outcry is not in vain. We must keep an outreached arm. Ready to pull out, and pull free anyone trying to break away from the suffocating grasp of the ass-backward, irrational, and dangerous grip of today’s post-modern progressive liberal movement.

Our existence as a nation of opportunity, freedom, and prosperity is at stake here.  I am unable to properly verbalize just how extensive and catastrophic the damage that the installation of authentic socialist policy would inflict on the economic backbone of the United States.  The effects would be similar to the extinction-level events that wiped out the dinosaurs.   



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