Study Claims Whites Are Just As Likely To Sell Drugs As Blacks. From First Hand Accounts Within Multiple Cities I Can Tell You Thats BULLSHIT

Adolescent Drug Dealing and Race/Ethnicity: A Population-Based Study of the Differential Impact of Substance Use on Involvement in Drug Trade.

No way in hell can the summation made from this obtusely examined data be anywhere near accurate. The ratio of Black to White (Black:White) drug dealers is easily in excess of 10:1. At a minimum.  Yet this dumbass study claims that black and white young people are equally likely to engage in the drug trade. I don't care who you are.  Or where your from.  This is simply an outrageously innacurate assertion.  I don't think I have ever met a single white drug dealer.  At least not within an urban setting.  Only perhaps a small time college university marijuana dealer is going to be caucasian.

As far as the claim that blacks are more likely to be shot by police.  Or in their words, "disproportionately" shot and killed by police based on the overall population demographic.  They deduce that while accounting for 32% of shootings, blacks only account for 18% of the population.  Yet this data fails to reveal that blacks account for approximately 36% of the crime. So based on the population of people confronted by police who are committing criminal acts, they are actually less likely to be shot by police.  Those statistical details matter.

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