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Here is what 2 Corrupt Ex-Government Leaders James Comey & John Brennan Have To Say About Trump.


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We have 2 class acts here. Two self-righteous, self-proclaimed morally superior justice warriors who feel the need to contribute to the current ongoing political dialogue surrounding the hollow allegations of Trump-Russia collusion. Class act #1 is disgraced ex-FBI Director James Comey who was fired for, amongst other things, improperly closing an official investigation against Hillary Clinton before it had even started, and lying under oath while testifying in front of Congress. Here are his words of wisdom.

Now we have disgraced government official #2.  Corrupt ex-Intelligence official and ex-CIA Director, James Brennan, who has currently instigated the Senate and the White House to look into revoking his secret clearance credentials and changing legal procedures relating to unmasking identities of U.S. citizens due to Brennans leaking of classified information to MSNNC to engage in partisan warfare. Here is what this clown has to add to this righteous dialogue:

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