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John Brennan Using His Top Secret Clearance To Leak Sensitive Info and Wage Partisan Warfare Against Trump All As A Host on MSNBC. Trump, Sessions & Senator Rand Paul Now Ready To Shut This Maniac Down.


We are going to have to put a rush order on this new oversight committee for the intelligence communities that Senator Rand Paul said he would be proposing to the White House during his next visit.  He will also be urging the president to implement new rules that require anyone with security clearance to now have to see judge and get approval as it relates to any information requests made about any U.S. citizen.  

It is sad and scary that the American people are forced to have to contend with retired top ranking intelligence officials abusing their security clearances to slander certain leaders of a particular political party.  How is what John Brennan is doing not a serious criminal act?  You can't make this shit up. 


I praise and thank Tucker Carlson and others like him who use their hyper intelligence continuous political awareness and personal fortitude to seek and call out those responsible for the greatest abuses of power.  In this case what is a gross and glaring inappropriate dissemination of classified info to the press.  I applaud you for using your hyper popularity and credibility on your news show to put these trangressions against our dully elected president out in the forefront, for all to see.  Not everyone is capable of restraining themselves from abusing the power they hold like demagogues such as John Brennan.

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