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And You Thought You Had Rights? Ha…Idiots Trying To Steal Trump Signs: Compilation


Respecting private property rights is no longer a thing I guess. The Bill of Rights is made to protects all humans under its care. This has always been undisputed. That is until recently.

Apparently the new norm according to liberal progressives state that everyone is protected by the Bill of Rights UNLESS, you happen to be a conservative who supports the POTUS.  DONALD TRUMP.  No constitutional amendment or civil right protects you from this exception.

The vitriol being shown towards Trump is something  that is unprecedented in all of U.S. history.  The silent majority remain silent because the violent reactions of volatile social justice warriors are so outrageous and extreme that the risk of being physically and verbally accosted, extorted, and publicly shamed, both personally and professionally is so severe that only liberal minions lend their opinions in public forums anymore.  

This moderate and conservative majority  has been bullied and coerced into silence for fear of social alienation, or even negative professional and employer instigated repercussions.  We remain silent until our opportunity to pull the lever at the voting booths in anonymity is here.  

What a beautiful thing this Democracy is.  Too bad this particular conjugation of this word that is used to represent one of the two American political parties has had its meaning soiled.

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