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How Incredibly Stupid and Uninformed “Open Border” & “Anti-Trump” Advocates Really Are.


It’s one thing if these liberals were actually fighting in the name of something new and revolutionary. Something that rational people from both sides of the aisle could sympathize with. But this is not the case when looking at the plight of these hypocritical liberal hacks who had nothing bad to say about Obama when he pushed for and executed policies that were strict against illegal migrants. Both coming into, and already living within the U.S.

Immigration policy is something that’s been scrutinized for decades. At the end of the day, the same conclusions and realizations are always made in regards to essential and appropriate immigration policies. Policies that have been sanctioned by both Democratic and Republican leaders. Centered around the notion that U.S. borders need to be vigorously protected for a variety of social, political, criminal and economic needs.

These days there seem to be masses of young foot soldiers for the liberal movement that have yet to learn anything about real life and cling on to the narrative being put forth that families are being forcibly separated at the border without cause, merit, or humanity. Isn’t there a single sane person amongst them who is able to step back and survey the actual evidence.  An investigation that will reveal what is a gigantic issue with acts of mass child exploitation commiting by aliens trying to gain access to this country illegally? Exploitation that is perpetrated using a wide range of fraudulent methods. Isn’t there anyone amongst these left-leaning crazies who can see how a policy of giving amnesty to any perceived family unit that comes over the border would be reckless and would only increase the amount of child exploitation that is already being perpetrated by illegals with these kids in tow?

People fail to realize just how many children present themselves at the border without any family members accompanying them. In many cases, these children are with unscrupulous individuals who have no relation to them whatsoever. Smugglers or scam artists trying to use the children to exploit loopholes in immigration law or intend to sell the children to sex traffickers within the U.S. Do liberal protestors who advocate an open border policy ever stop to think about this? These children have been brought along by certain individuals merely as a ruse to attempt to gain entry or exploit them for money or pleasure. They estimate that nearly 2/3 of the paperwork that is presented to border agents is fraudulent.

Despite the present reality of the situation, we continue to have a prevailing viewpoint amongst Democratic leadership that we should have open borders. They are serious. Not because they think this is even remotely a good idea in practicality. But because their constituents expect them to take this stance. The voting population in these districts demands it. In certain states (like the treasonous sanctuary state of California) illegals are able to vote and make up huge chunks of voting populations in certain districts. This further inflates the magnitude of this sad and problematic vicious cycle. A cycle of insanity perpetrated by uninformed and misinformed millennials, Hispanic advocacy groups, identity politic driven campaigning, and the desperation of public officials fighting to hold onto power.

By softening immigration laws and making potential immigrants see the U.S. as more and more inviting, we promote more and more of Lating America to take the risk of making this dangerous journey across the border.  The trials and tribulations of a child forced to endure this journey are horrifying to realize.  Girls as young as 9 years old have been found carrying multiple doses of plan B contraceptive on them for their journey across Central America into the illegal border crossing zones in the southwest of the United States. This means they expect to be raped over and over again as they make their journey trekking through these dangerous migration routes. These girls (and inevitably young boys) are at the mercy of sexual predators the entire span of their migration. This kind of criminality and lawlessness seems to be inherent within the vast expanse of migration routes leading to the U.S. border used throughout Latin America.

Gangs from Mexico and El Salvador, like MS-13 end up having a tragic influence upon children subjected to these regions of lawlessness along these migration routes.  Gang mentality can take hold very early on.  I have heard an interview with a border patrol agent where he discussed the abhorrent way these kids end up being conditioned as a result of their journey. They will receive large groups of children that they have determined not to be with any adults of family relation. These independent feral children will have organized themselves into a gang-like hierarchy. A ranking system that becomes evident to the agents caring for them once they have been detained into juvenile holding facilities. These pre-adolescent children have already adopted an organized, gang-like inspired hierarchy. They get this mentality not only from the influence of gangs but also from the skewed sex culture of many Latin American cultures.  In Mexico, the law states that the age of consent of sex for a Mexican girl is 12 years old. Yeah, you heard that right.  12 years of age! In some areas in Mexico, this law is amended to state the age of consent to be whenever the girl hits puberty, which can be as young as 9 or 10!  Do we really want people carrying a culture of gangs and the sanctioning of underage sex into and across our borders?  Assimilating these practices into America?

Border agents even spoke of an instance where they were forced to put up plywood between the girls and boys detention areas because they were having sexual intercourse between the fences. In each occurrence, the girl involved was being coerced into a sexual exchange at the behest and orders of the top ranking male adolescent within the groups pecking order. This is the nature of the culture and behavior of these migrant children that immigration officials are forced to contend with.

Despite this cluster fuck of horrifying circumstances produced by illegal immigration, we have American citizens completely ignorant to the reality of what’s actually occurring. The actuality of the tangible problems are that we are facing. These liberal bafoons run around their upscale suburban towns and cities shouting down anyone or anything conservative or not progressive enough for their taste. In D.C., groups of protestors have hunted down, surrounded, and chanted at officials like Kirsten Nielsen who happens to work within the Trump administration. They accuse these accomplished law officials of throwing children into cages for their own sadistic pleasure.

Get a life. Look into the totality of the situation. Stop looking at the world solely from the lens of the far left leaning, rabid, foaming at the mouth liberal hacks.

Whether or not this attitude is because of, or as a result of all this misguided public sentiment is unclear. We are forced to contend with this uninformed, arrogant and ignorant prevailing viewpoint amongst Democratic leadership.  This viewpoint that we need to open our borders. They are serious. They take this stance despite knowing that this is not even remotely a good idea in practicality. They are fully aware of and complicit in spreading of the misinformation and dishonest, irrational rhetoric they spew. They use identity politics and ignore significant statistical realities. Data and results that show how disastrous and impractical an open border policy would be to this country.

Wake up idiots. Look what has happened to Europe of late as a result of opening their borders to millions of radical and non-radical Muslim refugees. Their countries are ruined. Literally ruined. Forever damaged and scarred. Crime, social unrest, cultural deformation and economic devastation has risen up and punched these once liberal-minded European countries in the jaw. They have now realized their error in judgment and are scrambling to remedy what is a catastrophic state of affairs in nations like Sweden, Denmark, Greece and even the U.K, to name a few.

Moderation is always the best recourse for instituting changes in dramatic and politically sensitive issues like immigration policy. There are certainly many changes in policy and procedure that can be made towards the way young children are processed at the border when their biological parents are apprehended attempting to cross illegally into the United States. In fact, President Trump has recently signed an executive order ending the current practice of family separation employed by border agents!

The U.S. will always by necessity have an obligation to enforce acts of illegal entry into this country. In Obama’s State of the Union address he confidently asserts his commitment to protect the sanctity of our borders and enforce immigration policies. Condemning those who try to gain access to this country illegally. All of the pictures that were recently published, showing children being held within chain link fence enclosures, were taken during the Obama era! This was not something that was an implementation of Trump-era changes in immigration policy. It is somewhat suspicious and incredible that this issue was not at the forefront of concerns when this was being practiced and enforced by the Obama administration. Nevertheless, that does not mean the present desire for a change to policy does not have merit. Hence the aforementioned executive order that President Trump has put in place.

Modifying our procedural approach to be more humane is a great political stance to be supportive of. We are talking about the handling and detention of large groups of human beings, not livestock or shipping cargo. We should surely be more attentive to trying to improve the process of caring for and determining the best interests and course of action to take moving forward for these children most at risk. These are innocent kids caught in the crossfire. The only thing they are guilty of is having parents who took them along for this lengthy and dangerous journey that culminates in their eventual breaking of U.S. federal law. Or kids who may have been the victims of kidnapping or were literally sold by their family to be smuggled across the border and subsequently trafficked into a Pedophilia ring.

When you really step back and look at the painful reality, scope, and range of acts of criminality that can be perpetrated using these children. You can now see why Border Patrol and Federal Agents are forced to screen and process families the way they do. These different factors have made it increasingly apparent that a well enforced, strict border and immigration policy is not only appropriate for our country but necessary to protect general human rights and put a stop to pervasive criminal networks that use children as nothing more than product or ticket of entry.

So before you decide to go out and scream and shout at conservatives, or anyone else for that matter who advocates a tough stance on ILLEGAL immigration. Please do only after reading into the logistical reality and consequences that can go along with failing to control the massive flux of illegal migrants at our Southern border.

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