Ancient Bronze Gears of Peru

Controversial Prehistoric Bronze Gears Of Peru – Unfortunately, conventional archaeology refers to these very controversial, ancient ‘out of place artifacts’ as ‘ritual objects’.

Not much is known about the mysterious bronze gears discovered in Peru, which are also known as the bronze wheels.

They were described in the book entitled ‘Peru’ written by Professor Rafael Larco Hoyle (1901-1966), owner of the Larco Pre-Columbian Museum in Peru and the writer of numerous archaeological books.

However, his book is not available in English.

Though they really resemble modern gears, they must be very old. It means that the gears would not have been expected to exist in the time they did.

Controversial Prehistoric Bronze Gears Of Peru

The above picture shows the gears’ appearance.

There are six discs in total in the photo and we can clearly see that four of the six do in fact have what looks like gear teeth of modern times.

Unfortunately, from this photo, we cannot estimate the real depth of the artifacts, in order to give a much clearer indication of their use in ancient times.

The intriguing bronze gears from Peru look like typical gears in a larger mechanical machine.

Could they really be mistaken for ‘sun discs’?

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