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Why Democrats Who Hate Trump Because of His Immigration Policies Have Zero Credibility & No Ground To Stand on.

Democrats who hate Trump constantly bring up hisv stance on immigration and blame him for putting children in cages.  They confidently take this stance despite the simple fact that Clinton and Obama had immigration stances that were just as hardlined and strict as Trumps policies .  The separation of children from their parents or the adults who accompanied them was a practice that came into effect under the Obama administration, not the Trump administration.  Obama could have signed an executive order to improve this practice but he didn’t.  Although Trump did.

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These Dems who hate Trump will say that none of that matters.  But guess what?  Too bad, because it does matter.  This hypocrisy proves that you don’t give 2 shits about the actual issues.  Your mission is to simply find as much negative optical information about the immigration policies as possible and then hone in on these uncomfortable issues and spin them to make Trump look inhuman.  You didn’t care at all about the plight of these children in their cages when Obama was the president.   You only suddenly decided to be up in arms because Trump is now the president.  It has been your mission since the election to smear Trump with whatever you could get your hands on.  Even if it was administrative policies that were put in place and enforced by your beloved Obama.

So I will reiterate that this proves that you care little about actual policies and care little about improving the situation for those children in the cages.  What you care about is smearing Trump on a personal level in your continued rage that stemmed from Hillary Clinton’s loss.

This leaves you with ZERO credibility. You are a demagogue, and a shameful one at that.

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