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Gripping Horrifying Vegas Shooting Surveillance Footage w/Audio

In the beginning you can see one person that was down who was being tended to by a group of people. However being that there were sooo many reported casualties, how can this video not have captured a single one of these casualties? It seems odd to me.

The audio from the people in the cab seems strange when you play it back a second time.  The cab driver at one point actually says to them, “are you being serious?”.  Questioning the authenticity of their story of the events and their portrayed emotions.  When she refers to the gun as an A.R. and also describes the situation as an “active shooter”.  No one talks like that.

So far I have seen footage of muzzle flashes coming from a helicopter, coming from 2 different locations at the Mandalay Bay, as well as one individual within the crowd crouching down and shooting into the crowd. WTF man?  Yet nowhere in this footage of the entire crowd can you see any specific area taking fire and people scattering.  Nor do you see any bodies laying on the ground or badly injured people crawling around.

[arve url=”″ aspect_ratio=”2:30″ /]

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