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Black Liberal vs. Black Conservative: Maxine Waters Behavior


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When will the Democrats become interested in actually creating real policy?  The new standard practice of the left in Washington consists of searching for uncomfortable topics, like the separation of children from their parents after illegal border crossings, and then deciding to pin the blame on the officials of the current Trump-lead executive office.

They slander the White House on a daily basis for enforcing these immigration laws.  This is the law mind you.  They continue to do this even though it was a non-partisan judicial ruling that decided the on the rules and procedures for processing Illegals at the border.  Not Trump. Not Republican policy makers.

The House of Representatives  writes the laws of this country. The Executive branch enforces them.  Sanctuary cities are a form of treason.  Liberal states are not allowed to pick and choose what Federal Laws they would like to enforce, and which ones they would like to ignore.

Progressive Socialist Liberals need to wake up.  Just take one look at what has happened to countries like Sweden, Germany, Italy, Greece and the U.K..  They have watched their countries crumble into chaos.  Sweden especially.  Swedens capital city is now on a no-fly list at various international airports because the violence is so out of control from Syrian refugees running rampant throughout the city.  1 out of every 4 Swedish women are raped.  25% of the native female population!!!  25%!!  Up from less than 1% before the mass flux of "refugees" from Syria.  

These are just a few examples of the problems these countries inherited from their "open borders" immigration policies. 

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