7D Insane Hologram Show In Stadium

[arve src=”https://videopress.com/v/NGJcZ8Ve” /]

Light manipulation technology has been around much longer than we realize.  This tech is used to guide stealth air craft and in the military and create artificial demonstrations towards a target to deceive and destroy the enemy.  This technology was used in some kind of capacity in lower Manhattan during 9/11.    Those planes wete holograms.  Holograms programmed and timed to coincide with the detonation of thermite charges that had been placed throughout the tower during the weeks before.This nasty, greedy old Zionist geezer was allowed to fraudulently implode his own deteriorating NYC skyscrapers, while filled with his unsuspecting tenants, in order to collect on his recently signed $2  billion “catastrophe protection” insurance policy.    Thankfully the insurance company called him out on this ruse and split the baby, only awarding “Silverstein Reality” $1 billion of the $2 billion policy.

When the REAL Bin Ladin eventually weighed in on the 9/11 disaster he affirmed that while he had nothing to do with these attacks, and hinted that [the attacks] appear to have been done for personal reasons.   This was not a vast conspiracy of the U.S. Federal Government.  This was a tight knit, meticulously planned event, sanctioned by Silverstein and the other elite American respresentatives of the Zionist powers controlling the world’s finances.  They would rather murder 2,000 Americans and spark war in the middle east, than have to pay the true cost of renovating the original 2 trade towers and the rest of the World Trade Center complex.   The city would have subsidized a huge chunk of the costs for modernizing those buildings if he had approached them about this.  The city would do anything to keep valuable companies and businesses within the city.   Losing these firms due to the antiquated state of the towers offices’ would have been something they would want to avoid at all costs.  They didnt have to fake a terror attack and demolish the building. 

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