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Organized Hate Via Domestic Terrorism From The Left


This has gone way too far. These shameless, humorless, thoughtless, godless, post modernist, neo-marxist, IQ’less, progressive shills, who perpetrate and engage in this kind of criminal harassment and straight up domestic terrorism, need to be rounded up and penalized harshly. This is not American.  These morons are setting us back 100 years on social relations.  If the only way they know how to disagree with a certain political policy is to inflict violence upon and relentless harass and publicly shame its leaders, then these individuals no longer can be allowed to live amoung other civil human beings within the society that they clearly do not want to be a part of anyway.

These liberal foot soldiers that they have out there in the streets following around different members of Trump’s cabinet so that they can proceed to animalisticly howl at and shout down, need to be prosecuted vigorously by the local district attorney.  Unfortunately, there are far too many other shills for the ultra progressives that hold positions of power.  Including many State Attorneys that wear their blue face paint proudly and would never go out of their way to penalize anyone who harasses a Republican.

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