Charlamagne Is Not As Smart As He Thinks

Why are they acting like Charlamagne is the village elder here? Even Charlamagne himself doesn’t feel comfortable being perceived this way.

I don’t think that Charlemagne realizes that the media has just pigeonholed him as one of their main stream voices for the “real” black America from the thin pool of candidates. For whatever reason hes been propped up as this other-worldly scholar of wisdom. Far from it. He is what he is, an inappropriate hype-man on an urban New York City morning radio show.


Granted it’s one of the biggest radio shows in the biggest city in the world.  And he is one of the most entertaining people on television and on radio. But that by no means should merit the media handing him this elite certification relating to his opinion on social issues.

His co-host and program director DJ Envy is far more intelligent and worthy of the promotion and glorification of his own spin on black issues of social inequity.

When he was up there on that panel he had no business being the featured guest on Bill Maher and you could tell that Bill was disappointed with the lack of depth and lenghth of Charlemagne’s opinions and responses. It looked as though Bill was still forced to act as though he cared deeply for the words of “Charlamagne the God”. Which is sad.

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