Wichita Cop Casually & Recklessly Shoots at Dog In Living Room Filled With Kids, Hitting 9 Year Old Girl

“Firing your weapon indiscriminately like this, in a room full of kids, in the direction of the kids, point blank, is an act that is so egregious and inhuman that it should leave us questioning if this cop is even a human being.  We HAVE to weed these personalities out of the police force!”

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By. Paco Mack a U.S. Rational Citizen
Jesus Christ. When I make these generalizations about pigs, asserting that they walk around with only one thing on their mind: which is a constant craving to shoot their service weapon at something, I do so thinking in the back of my mind that naturally this is an exaggeration to some degree. However, time and time again, I see clips like this one. Where the officer is so insanely reckless and hyped up to shoot their gun, that they do so in the most outrageous, inexplicable, inappropriate and unacceptable circumstances.
Anyone with half a heart, and half a brain would have immediately taken the kids and their safety into consideration as the most important thing to keep aware of. Keeping these kids out of harms way should have instinctually been priority number one from the moment they walked into that room where these 4 young children were sitting on the floor and playing. If you were to ask a parent: “What is the last thing on earth you would ever think of doing to put your kids in harm’s way? The answer would be: “Wildly firing a gun in the direction of my children”.  What this cop did was LITERALLY THE LAST THING ON EARTH anyone else would do.
It is unconscionable to think a logical, decent human being would ever be that apathetic.  Knowingly and actively putting a group of children in the direct line of fire like this. Instead of instinctually thinking to shield the children from any harm, he instead decided it was more important to wildly fire off his gun, downwards towards the dog, towards the floor, in the direction he knew the children were gathered. This course of action is so insane I cannot find the proper words to express my outrage. It’s such a sociopathic act, it defies all human decency.
To top it all off, and further highlight his negligence and thoughtlessness. After shooting a 9 year old girl in the head, he walks outside and casually begins talking to the other cops, then begins talking on the radio like the faggot ass robot pig that he is. No concern whatsoever for the child that he just shot. You can see one of the other cops pick the girl up and literally run away from him when he approaches the wounded girl screaming bloody murder on the front lawn of her home that she thought she was safe in. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere near that man either if I was one of his fellow cops. I am sure that most of the other officers were just as horrified as the rest of us as to what had taken place.
The screams of this girl and the cries of her other siblings are haunting. The carnage, damage, and scene of terror and trauma that this cop created comes as such a high cost to the lives of these kids.  There is no “protecting and serving” going on here.  Just “destruction, pervasion and molestation”.
We gotta weed this maniacs out of the police force. We have to do a better job screening these people in the first place. Firing your weapon indiscriminately like this, in a room full of kids, in the direction of the kids, point blank, is an act that is so egregious that no explanation of any sort should ever be entertained despite the reasoning his attorney gave to the public. I hope the judge sentences the shit out of this pig when he is found guilty of the aggravated battery charge that he was levied with.


There’s a little girl sitting directly in front of him and he pulls out his gun and shoots.

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