Officer fired after pulling over his daughters boyfriend


These cops aren't rocket scientists to begin with.  Kids from high school who became cops were all the ones who were too dumb for college, and too pussy to go the military.  So its not suprising to see how stupid this cop was to get caught for abuse of power in this manner.

This cop should have been cut a little slack in that everything he did was in response to his concern that his daughter's whereabouts were unknown after she had alledgedly made remarks about killing herself.

Where he went wrong was going as far as threatening the mother and daughter with made-up charges and lying about her right to call 911, while threatening her with jail if she did follow through and make the call.

He never actually ended up arresting the boy that she was with, or charging the mother with any bullshit obsruction charges.  He did end up giving out the ticket for the seat-belt which appeared to have been fabricated on the spot.  These acts of malfeasance were what had to have been the key factors in determining that he should have lost his job.

This guy should have simply grabbed his daughter and let everyone go.  I think if he had actually taken the time to look in the fucking car and see that his daughter was sitting there the whole time, he never would have gone to all these lengths to threaten the other girls mother with arrest, and also threaten the boy with made up charges as well.  Once he realized she was in the car he simply told everyone to get lost.  The fact that he didn't notice she was there until the end, is what got him in trouble by making all those threats beforehand.

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